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All our ReefSafe formulas have been tested by Mote Marine Laboratory, and are Proven Non-Toxic to Corals and Sea Life! (Check Out Our Testing here)

Miss Florida Pageant Contestants Given Reef Safe Courtesy of St. Pete / Clearwater’s “AMP THE AWESOME”

St. Pete plays host to the pageant every year, which kicks off tomorrow through Saturday June 20th. St. Pete / Clearwater’s “AMP THE AWESOME” welcomed 47 Miss Florida, 47 Miss Outstanding Teen Florida contestants, and Miss America 2015, with a bottle of Reef Safe and a welcome card. This year marks the 80th year for Miss Florida, so next Friday there will be a special presentation with 48 returning Miss Florida's (including two Miss America winners). They will also be welcomed with Reef Safe, thanks to St. Pete / Clearwater's Amp the Awesome!