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O2 Renew® Face Lift Vitamin C

O2 Renew® Face Lift Vitamin C


Model: O2-90031

Primary BioActive: Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate Vitamin C Oil soluble results in a highly stable hi-potency vitamin c face cream.

Additional BioActives: Liquid Oxygen, Butterfly Nectars & Green Tea

Benefit: Highly potent anti-oxidant, MMP Inhibitor (matrix metalloproteinases) protect skin, also helps inhibit melanin production yielding a more even skin tone.  Also helps with collagen production and blocks collagenase (reaction of collagen and gelatin). Helps balance skin’s natural moisture level.

Application: Apply morning and before bedtime. 1-2 pumps should be enough for entire face and neck area. Avoid eye contact, follow up use with facial moisturizer &/or sunscreens. Daily use recommended or layer &/or alternate with other O2 Renew System products.

Results:  around 27 days

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