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Tropical Seas® Blue Trial Kit

Tropical Seas® Blue Trial Kit


Model: TSI319201KIT

Not sure about BLUE yet? No worries, our trial kit is the perfect amount to try out BLUE!  

BLUE Trial Kit includes

  • (1) BLUE Concentrated Deodorizer & Cleaner 1oz
  • (1) BLUE Boat Soap 1oz
  • (1) Poly travel bag small

Bag & Products are TSA approved for carry-ons! 

BIODEGRADABLE:BLUEhas been tested in an independent ecology laboratory and is Readily Biodegradable in Seawater. Biodegrades around 16 days.

BAIT SAFE: BLUE was tested for acute toxicity on juvenile fathead minnows using globally accepted test method OECD 203 limit test. BLUE had no toxicity to the fish. 

NON-TOXIC TO SEA LIFE: At Expected Environmental Concentrations (E.E.C.), BLUE was found to be non-toxic to marine microorganisms.


BLUE helps remove bird feces, dirt, grime, salt deposits and even fish blood and more.

BLUE is an all-purpose, all surface boat wash that cleans entire boat exterior surfaces.

In all three test protocols BLUE was tested at Expected Environmental Concentration E.E.C. or higher.

Bulk seawater was collected from a pristine beach suitable for swimming, fishing or other recreational use for BLUE testing. Not in Sewage Water!

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