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all reef safe formulas have been proven coral safe by mote marine laboratories (click here to check out our report)

Reef Safe™ Biodegradable Swimsuit Cleaner & Saver Reef Safe™ Biodegradable Swimsuit Cleaner & Saver

Reef Safe™ Biodegradable Swimsuit Cleaner & Saver


Model: RS03138

Island Formula Swimsuit Cleaner & Saver was developed in the Tropics to help extend the life of your swimsuits. Helps remove impurities from your suit plus contains optical brighteners & conditioners to help extend the life of your swimsuit. Also, works great on jogging shorts, aerobic outfits, bicycle shorts, and other related apparel. Gentle on hands! Eco-Friendly - Biodegradable Formula!


Island Saver Tips:

  • Do not machine wash or machine dry - This will disfigure your bathing suit. Add a cap full to a small amount of water - any sink will do.
  • Do not use regular detergents - (they will dry out fabrics and ruin synthetic strands). Swim Suit Cleaner has special conditioners for today's synthetic fabrics.
  • Do not use bleach - Swim Suit Cleaner contains specially formulated optical brighteners.
  • Avoid direct contact with suntan products - especially those with mineral oils. Note: ALL Tropical Seas & Reef Safe tanning/SPF products are mineral oil free!
  • Never ring out your suit - It destroys the shape and elasticity.
  • Always hand wash and blot dry
  • Do not use spot cleaners - apply Swim Suit Cleaner several minutes prior to washing.
  • Never dry clean your suit

    Available in 8.45oz and 2oz sizes
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