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Fact vs. Fiction Sediment Comparison Test

About The Experiment


To visibly show the difference of sedimentation of Brand “X” Titanium Dioxide and Brand “X” Zinc Oxide SPF 30 Lotions Versus Reef Safe SPF 50+ Biodegradable Lotion

Note: Reef Safe SPF 50+ has almost twice the SPF value of the titanium or zinc


1 – Electronic Weigh Scale 400gm Accuracy +/- 0.001 gm

1 – Electronic Weigh Scale 5000 gm Accuracy +/- 5.0 gm

6 – 1000 ml Glass Beakers

6 – 50 ml Glass Beakers

2 – Magnetic Stir Plates

3 – 1000 ml Plastic Storage Jars

6 – Small Magnetic Stir Rods

6 – Large Magnetic Stir Rods

1 – Gallon Seawater

Made from aquarium ocean salt mix & R.O. water that was mixed 48 hours prior to test and let rest.

1 – Gallon R.O. Water with Chlorine Removed (RO = Reverse Osmosis)

1 – Marking Pen


Each 1000 ml beaker and corresponding 50 ml beaker were marked with the following designations:

      • TIO2 SPF 30 for Titanium Dioxide SPF 30 Lotion
      • ZNO2 SPF 30 for Zinc Oxide SPF 30 Lotion
      • Reef Safe (RS) SPF 50 for Reef Safe SPF 50 Lotion
For each fresh and seawater sequence below 1000 ml of fresh / seawater were measured into a 1000 ml beaker, and a magnetic stir rod was added.

20 ml of the water volume was used to pre-dilute 1 gram of the test subject lotion. Each 20ml beaker was labeled, and a magnetic stir rod was added, then placed on the stir plate, and allowed 10 minutes of mixing at moderate speed. Each sample was pre-staged for the video.

The 1000ml beaker was then placed on the stir plate, and speed adjusted (and recorded) to make a small vortex for immediate dispersion of the pre-dilution. The 20ml pre-mix was re-mixed for 60 seconds to make sure all lotion was in suspension prior to adding to the beaker of water.

Premix added on video, and filmed until the premix was uniformly dispersed into the 1000ml beaker of water.

Above process was duplicated for all samples on an electronic weigh scale accurate to +/- 0.001 gm.


This experiment conclusively documents that in comparison to Reef Safe, Brand “X” Titanium Dioxide and Brand “X” Zinc Oxide Sunscreens, leave substantial sediment in our aquatic environments, thus are considered ocean pollutants.