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O2 Renew® Face Rejuvenator with Collagen

O2 Renew® Face Rejuvenator with Collagen


Model: O2-90011

Primary BioActive: Plant derived collagen in a unique liposomal system that mimics our biological system to help stimulate collagen III synthesis in fibroblasts up to 44%.

Additional BioActives: Liquid Oxygen, Butterfly Nectars & Green Tea

Benefit: Applied twice daily for 21 days will help repair the natural collagen support layer that lies just beneath the skin, resulting in increased skin elasticity and smoothness as well as reduction of facial lines and wrinkles. A supplement to collagen injections. Helps skin look younger by improving skin tone, texture decreasing fine lines & wrinkles.

Application: Twice daily morning and night; or to maximize results apply before collagen stimulator lamp session then at night before bedtime. Avoid eye contact. Use daily or maybe layered or alternated with other O2 Renew System Products

Results:  15 to 27 days

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