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Tropical Seas® Natural Loofah Brush

Tropical Seas® Natural Loofah Brush


Model: TS003

A must have for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots on your back. Enjoy a great bath with this high quality loofah bath brush.   A natural exfoliator, the loofah bath brush will exfoliate dead skin cells and revitalize your skin. Use with wooden handle with loofah for your back and remove the loofah with hand strap for an all over scrub.

Our natural sea sponges are from renewable natural resources that are harvested from the ocean.  Scientific studies have consistently confirmed that the regular harvest of sea sponges actually enhances the health and population of the sponges. Natural sea sponges have several distinct advantages over synthetic sponges, they are much more absorbent, more durable and longer lasting, will not retain odors or stain and their soft texture promotes better cleaning while being less abrasive.

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