• Reef Safe Sun® Care Oxybenzone Free

    all Reef Safe Sun® Care formulas have been tested by Mote Marine Laboratories

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  • Reef Safe Sun® Care Reef Babies®

    all Reef Safe Sun® Care formulas have been tested by Mote Marine Laboratories

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  • Reef Safe Sun® Care Original

    all Reef Safe Sun® Care formulas have been tested by Mote Marine Laboratories

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Reef Safe Sun® Care cares about protecting your skin as well as our environment.

All sunscreens are not alike, and to single out one compound in the ingredients and make a blanket ruling is not proper. We found Reef Safe Sun® Care products caused no visual signs of stress, bleaching or mortality for two key species of Florida corals through our 20-day, independent test - Dr. David Vaughan is the Executive Director of Mote Marine Laboratory’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration on Summerland Key, Florida. He is also the manager of Mote’s Coral Reef Restoration Program and the Protect Our Reef Grants program.

Oxybenzone Free Sunscreens

Biodegradable eco-friendly oxybenzone free sunscreen formula is scientifically proven safe to corals & sea life. Provides Broad Spectrum and 80-minute water resistant protection.

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Reef Safe Sun® Care Original Sunscreens

Biodegradable eco-friendly sunscreen formula since 1995 is scientifically proven safe to corals & sea life. Provides UVB & 80-minute water resistant protection.

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Reef Babies® and Reef Kids Sun Care

Reef Babies & Kids formulas have extra botanicals to help soothe and protect your babies sensitive skin. Biodegradable eco-friendly formulas.

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Eco-Friendly Sprays

Our Eco-friendly biodegradable version of a continuous spray available in Original, BackCountry, Oxybenzone Free, and Skin Shield formulas features our exclusive upside-down sprayer.

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Tanning Oils & Lotions

Natural formulas for the ultimate exotic tan. Tanning lotions & oils are both mineral oil free and tanning bed safe and provide 80-minute water resistant with minimal sun protection.

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Burn Relief & After Sun

Aloe Vera, Lidocaine, or Eucalyptus formulas provide maximum burn relief, while Eternal Summer Aloe Lotion helps replenish, re-hydrate and re-moisturize skin cells from exposure to everyday elements.

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Gnarly Head® Hair Care

Sulfate, Paraben, & Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly Hair Care helps replenish and re-nourish your hairs natural nutrients lost from the sun, wind and surf.

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Dive Mask and Suit Care System

Properly clean dive masks, swim and ski goggles, dive suits, swimsuits, and athletic apparel with these biodegradable eco-friendly formulas.

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Reef Safe Sun® Care Apparel and Accessories

Reef Safe Sun® Care UPF 50 Rashguards, UPF30 long sleeve & short sleeve t-shirts, hats, visors, Tropical Seas Jewelry Collection, mermaid accessories, assorted novelty Reef Safe Sun® Care branded coolie cups, key fobs and more.....

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Featured Products

  • Reef Safe™ Oxybenzone Free Biodegradable Sunscreen SPF 50

  • Reef Safe™ Biodegradable Eternal Summer Desert Flower Revitalizing Lotion

  • Land Shark™ Mineral Based Transparent Sunscreen SPF 30+

  • Reef Safe™ Biodegradable Sunscreen SPF 36+ Off Shore Sport


What People are Saying

  • I love Reef Safe

    I love Reef Safe! I used a few of the products on my recent vacation in Hawaii and it was awesome. I had the biodegradable sunscreen spray SPF30, lipbalm w/SPF, lotion, mask defogger and biodegradable shampoo and conditioner with me on this trip. 
    The snorkeling mask defogger was the best I've ever used. My husband and I were both really happy with all these products and are glad to be using stuff that doesn't harm the oceans or marine life.

    Marina V.

  • reef safe is a great sunscreen.

    I love the Reef Safe products!

    Nick Baker

  • Thanks Tropical Seas!

    I've used Tropical Seas Inc Ormond Beach product’s for years, absolutely love eco-friendly sunscreen as it gives a lovely colour as you apply it. Thanks!

    Vinny Shay

  • Highly recommended

    I went on a cruise in the Bahamas for a week and used the sunscreen i bought and it was crazy how well it worked, i was the only one out of eight people that didn’t get sunburnt. it’s very light weight, it’s not stick or tacky, and it’s great for the environment. Highly recommended.

    Kennedy Waller

  • I used every product that I took

    IF you plan to do anything in the water whether it is in a lake, river, stream or ocean these are the most important items to pack to protect our coral and marine life from further damage. ALL sunscreens are NOT created the same and for me and this is the ONLY products that I have found that have the research to back up their claims. I took the sunscreen, leave in hair conditioner, deep moisturizing conditioner, detangling spray, blonde highlighting spray, body lotion, shower gel, swimsuit cleaner, oxybenzone free sunscreen in 45 and 30, and after sun care lotion. I used EVERY single product that I took and would never leave home without them

    Sarah Clark

  • Best Sunscreen

    It is biodegradable sunscreen perfect for keeping the environment safe. It absorbs very nicely without clumping or leaving streaks. We were Holly Hill and did not get a sunburn. The price was right and we would definitely purchase this product again. 

    Tony Knorr