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PotCake 2-n-1 Ultra Cleansing & Conditioning Shampoo

PotCake 2-n-1 Ultra Cleansing & Conditioning Shampoo


Model: PC7003


Helps Cleanse & Condition Skin & Coats for All Dogs!  

Provides deep cleaning that removes dirt, debris, and product from your dogs coat that can build-up over time. Restores shine with extra conditioning that will leave your pooch feeling smooth, soft and renewed. Enriched with 15 botanicals and antioxidants to soothe your dogs skin from head to tail. Safe for dogs 8 weeks of age or older. Great for use on cats too! BIODEGRADABLE - ECO-FRIENDLY - DYE FREE FORMULA! 

Fragrance: Bahama Reef Runner
Description: An exotic blend of tropical fruits.


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